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The reports coming in from Baltimore in the wake of Freddie Gray’s death after being in police custody are chilling. Rioters roamed the streets last night burning police cars and property and looting some local businesses including a CVS and a liquor store. But is that the whole story? Social media accounts from the ground suggest otherwise and Rep. Elijah Cummings told Roland Martin that gang leaders in Baltimore have actually united and pledged to help quell the violence.

A report on a Baltimore website suggests that the mainstream media is not telling the whole story but is instead focusing on the most negative aspects of the protests. And while much has been made of the violence that took place last night on the same day Gray was buried, answers in his case have been harder to come by. Nor was there a true examination of the police violence in Baltimore the preceded Gray’s death, where the city has paid out millions to settle brutality cases for 95 of its citizens just in the last four years.

Black WestChester reports:

10,000 people from across the country peacefully protested in Baltimore in support of the seeking of justice of the death of Freddie Gray. Despite the fact that 100 of the 10,000 acted up and approximately 35 people  were arrested after the peaceful protest, (that’s about 1%), much of the mainstream media used attention grabbing words in their headlines like ‘Protest Turns Destructive, (USA Today)’ ‘Scenes of Chaos In Baltimore… (NY Times), Dozens Arrested After Protest Turns Violent (WBAL TV). One website BreitBart.com’s headlines read: 1,000 Black Rioters In Baltimore Smash Police Cars, Attack Motorists In Frenzied Protest.

The truth is you had 10,000 plus people come together in unity in support of the fight for justice for Freddie Gray. While the numbers vary, 100 or so were the ones you saw acting up on the news and the 35 persons who were arrested were the ones you read about. But reporting that won’t bring in the ratings that attract a heavy advertising revenue.

CNN reported: Protesters angry over the death of Freddie Gray got into physical altercations with police Saturday night in downtown Baltimore near the city’s famed baseball stadium.

Some of the hundreds who confronted lines of police officers got into shoving matches with helmeted cops while other demonstrators threw objects. At least five police cars were damaged by people who smashed windows and jumped on them.

Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said she was profoundly disappointed by the violence, adding that 95% of the protesters were respectful but a “small group of agitators intervened.”

Did Mainstream Media Focus On Violence Instead Of Peaceful Protests In Baltimore? was originally published on blackamericaweb.com

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