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This weekend kick back with two slightly morbid movies (one is a dark comedy while the other is a shocking foreign film) and a coming of age tale that didn’t get the praise it deserved when it originally hit theaters. Enjoy!

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1. Killer Joe

This 2011 dark comedy has been called “Southern Gothic,” which, given its Texas setting and chronicle of a killer named Joe makes perfect sense. Upfront I must admit, the movie is a little weird (there is a scene involving fried chicken and sex), but when you get past those bumps, the story of murder, insurance scams, contract killers and sex gets really good.

Matthew McConaughey has a standout (and might I add really sexy!) role as Joe, the police detective by day and contract killer by night who helps a son murder his mother for insurance money. At it’s core, it’s a tale of a greedy family who gets in way over their heads. (NC-17,  102 min)

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