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UnknownDetermine if fighting is occurring more frequently. All couples will get into squabbles here and there. But if there’s constant nitpicking about such things as the clothes you’re wearing or what you’re cooking for dinner, it could be a sign that someone is looking for an excuse to leave the relationship.

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    Note your partner’s calling habits. If your partner just starts “forgetting” to call when he or she used to routinely call you all of the time, this may be a sign that the relationship is over. Also, when your partner does call, if he or she tries to cut the phone conversation short or has nothing to add to the conversation, this could also be be a sign that the relationship is almost over.

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    Examine your partner’s bedroom behaviors. If your partner seems uninterested in sex or other displays of affection, this could indicate that your partner either wants to avoid having an emotional connection with you. Or, he or she may be getting it somewhere else.

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    Observe your partner’s body language. If your partner can no longer make eye contact with you when you are talking, this is a troubling sign.

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    Listen to what your partner is saying, and interpret the hidden meaning behind the statements. For example, hearing your partner say, “I need more space” might sound reasonable, and it is necessary in all relationships to some degree. However, if it seems like your partner needs more and more space, he or she might just be making space for another person.

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    Notice if your partner avoids talking about future plans. If your partner constantly dodges or tries to change the topic when you start discussing future plans, which could be anything ranging from a summertime vacation to the possibly of shacking up one day down the road, this could be a red flag. If your partner does not envision you in his or her future, then this is a sign that the relationship is pretty much over.

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