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Just like you set goals for yourself in your professional life, you should set goals for your private life. Talk to your partner.  Start out with a goal that is difficult, yet so rewarding. Sex every single day.


If this is what is going on in your sex life right now, great job! Make sure you don’t let it get boring though! If this seems like an insurmountable goal, take a breath and relax. You can do it! If you think your life is too busy to fit in daily sex, look for a place where you can add romance.  Even in this crazy world, there are many people who make sure to fit in sex every single day. A fulfilling sex life is an important part of a healthy and fulfilling relationship.


So why set goals?  Well, first of all, it will do your relationship a world of good. Make sure that it is not just about the sex though, focus on the intimacy that you two have during this time. You love your partner. You know your partner loves you. Can you think of a better way to celebrate that love on a daily basis?


Once you have begin to have sex on a daily basis, chances are you are going to both be more open to the idea of a little experimenting. You don’t want to do the same thing every single day. Switch it up. If you don’t, it will become another part of a the day. Try to change something. Start small with a new position, add sex toys, maybe even role playing. Once you start to get out of your comfort zone a little bit it will surprise you just how creative you can be.


 Think about this. Stress and depression are helped by a fulfilling sex life. You burn calories while you are doing it. Your relationship will become stronger and you may experience less tension in the relationship.


It is important to note that this advice is for those who are in exclusive relationships. If you are not in such a relationship, this may not be a smart course of action.


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