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Travis Winfrey plays Omar, the boutique employee-slash-BFF on Single Ladies, and even though in real life you would describe him and his character using the same adjectives (hilarious, sarcastic, and stylish to name a few), Travis says they wouldn’t be friends in real life. For one reason, he says they would “both take up too much attention in the room.” Travis is excited for Omar’s role on the show this season and says we’ll see a lot of his personal life, which is going to play out in some unexpected ways.

The show’s back for a second season, you’re not a newbie anymore.

It’s good to be a veteran now. I’m super excited and everything seems to be running a lot smoother, we’re not practicing anymore. It’s good to see everybody again, and we’ve got some new additions to the cast which is great, and Omar’s got a lot more storyline, so it’s fun to stretch out and expand his character.

Do you interact more with the rest of the cast this season, or are you still primarily at the boutique? What can we expect?

Omar is getting a personal life. We’re going to meet his family, he’s got a LOT of personal stuff going on. You’re going to have to watch. [At this point, Travis reveals a big storyline to me that I can’t write about, but it’s a pretty huge one, not at all something I’d expect from his character.]

You and Denise seem to have become fast friends on the set.

That’s my girl, I love her to death, she’s like my sister. We instantly clicked. It’s fun to have somebody to hang out with like her, she’s the sweetest person I’ve ever met. And you can quote me on this, she’s a super nerd. She’s like me, we’re just goofy. We watch movies and talk through them together, we get thrown out of the movies together.

You mentioned that there were certain risque lines that were said on the show that you worried about because your grandma would we watching. Is there going to be more of that this season?

Well, you know, a lot of it’s the girls. I did tell the producers that my grandma was watching, so now we have grandma-vision, all the sexy stuff gets blacked out for her TV.



If you could give Omar a piece of advice, what would you tell him?

Bow ties. Easy on the bow ties. Once in a while is plenty.

Do you actually know how to tie one?

No, I don’t. That’s funny, I’m trying to learn but I can’t see it when it’s being tied on me. And personally I’d go with a clip on anyway. Either that or I’m just not wearing a shirt at all.

Are you going to make blazers with no shirt under them a thing?

No, just no shirt at all. Just pants. Maybe cuffs like a Chippendale.

What advice would you, Travis, take from Omar?

You know what’s funny, I don’t know if Omar and I would hang out. I think we’re both so much alike that we wouldn’t like each other, we’d both take up too much attention in the room. Omar would tell me to quit smoking so much, I think.



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