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I. Relationships are never limited. A happy relationship does not mean that you continue to stay together even if it taking away the best of you. A happy relationship is self-nurturing, brings out your best potential and unselfish. One must not treat every relationship as their last hope. It should be enjoyed.

II. Realize that you are a person with individuality. You must not make your life depend on your partner. A relationship must be shared together and not become the basis of your existence. Retain your self and never lose it in the course of the whole relationship.

III. Study your relationship patterns. Do not be stuck in choosing the same kind of person over and over again. Evaluate past relationships and identify what went wrong. Some qualities may not be right for you. Choose the person wisely and be in love for the right reasons.

IV. Do not hide your feelings. Develop open communication. It is the only way to ensure you do not get into misunderstandings. Be vocal but tactful in expressing your feelings and at the same time be sensitive to your partner’s

V. Be wary of the signs. True and Fake affection are easy to perceive. If your partner shows signs of not being true, do not be afraid to confront the truth. It might save you weeks, months or even years of misery.

VI. Accept that not all relationships last. There will be times when you might encounter a failed relationship. Cry and be over with it. Do not over indulge in your misery but instead move on. Use the experience and knowledge that you gathered in your past to do better the next time.

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