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The idea of too much sex normally becomes an issue when one partner has a higher or lower sex drive than the other. When you take a demanding approach for more sex from an unwilling spouse, the sex that you are having will start to feel like a chore for the other person. You also risk creating resentment, which is one of the most corrosive emotions in a relationship. When one of you is not satisfied, feeling like your sexual needs are not being met, this may cause the deprived one to stray outside of the marriage.

To prevent the situation from deteriorating further, arrange for a time to talk with your partner (not during intercourse). I know it is hard for some couples to talk about sex, but can you touch base periodically and check out on each other’s needs? If you and your partner disagree about sexual frequency, can you make compromises? Quite often we make assumptions about our partners that are not true. Maybe you wish you could have sex twice a week, but your partner only wants it every other week. Maybe you assume your partner is not in the mood, when in truth, your partner just does not always want to put in the hour-long ordeal of loads of foreplay. What if you could just have a quickie every now and then, just to tie you over? Would you be willing to sacrifice quality for quantity or either way?


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