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Oranges have some pretty good PR behind them for years, we’ve turned to the citrus as our go-to source for vitamin C. While that reputation is well-deserved one navel orange packs 82.7 milligrams of vitamin C there are tons of other colorful fruits and vegetables with just as much or even more. (Orange you glad to hear it? We couldn’t resist.)

1. Papaya – One small papaya (about 157 grams) has 95.6 milligrams of vitamin C. A cup of mashed papaya has a whopping 140 milligrams. More bang for your buck? Papaya is also high in vitamin A, folate and dietary fiber, according to Self Nutrition Data.

2. Red Bell Peppers – One cup of raw, chopped red bell pepper packs an impressive 190.3 milligrams of vitamin C. The same amount of a green pepper has 119.8 milligrams.

3. Broccoli – Need yet another healthy reason to eat your broccoli? Try this: One serving (148 grams) of chopped broccoli adds up to 132 milligrams of vitamin C.

4. Kale – Hungry for a salad? Try kale. Just two cups of this veggie, chopped, offers 160.8 milligrams of vitamin C. This superfood is also rich in vitamins A, C and K, as well as phytonutrients and fiber,according to WebMD.

5. Strawberries – Here’s sweet news: one serving (147 grams) of strawberries has 86.5 milligrams of vitamin C. (And just this week, a study linked two servings of the red fruit a week to slowed cognitive degeneration.)

6. Kiwi – One serving of kiwi offers 137.2 milligrams of vitamin C.

7. Cauliflower – One small head of cauliflower (with a four-inch diameter) has 127.7 milligrams of vitamin C (and just 66 calories).

Other foods to try that also are good sources of Vitamin C include Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Potatoes, and Cantaloupe.

(Source: Huffington Post)

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