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  • Don’t start a marriage with doubts and disappointments. If you wait for Mr. or Mrs. Right, you’ll be waiting a long time because they don’t exist. You must understand that your Mr. or Mrs. Right is exactly the person you married. Find the qualities that you fell in love with.

    Men should treat their wives as if they were the most precious thing on earth. Do what you can to make her day better, even if it is just a quick kiss on the cheek and a loving word. Let her know that you appreciate how much she does for the family and that you couldn’t live without her.

  • Women should let their husbands know how much they are appreciated. Letting a man know that he is a good provider and takes care of so many things is a real compliment and he’s going to feel great. Give him a big hug and kiss and let him know how wonderful he is.

  • Spend more time outside together. Plan and go to visit entertaining events together. Go for walks or play in the park with the kids. Go to concerts, cinema, sport events and places having fun together. Enjoy the time together as you are still teenagers.

  • Allow yourselves to have your own time going out with friends. Even more valuable is alone time to “recharge your batteries.” When married couples spend a little time apart away from home, they come back refreshed and appreciating their spouse and their home.

  • Create a very good friendship with your spouse from the only beginning. Trust in each other, when you share with each other as best friends. Each of you needs to know, that can count in any situation on the other one.

  • Detect and destroy any trace of jealousy in your mind. Trust is the basic element of each love relationship. Jealousy can destroy even the greatest love ever. Imagine jealousy as an ugly monster, that wants to steal your joy and happiness

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