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In reality, dating someone with opposite qualities from you can be problematic; or might not work at all. Consider:

* Two people with opposite values dating
* Someone very attractive dating someone unattractive
* Someone poor dating someone who’s loaded
* A man who likes sitting around dating a woman who dances every day – or vice versa
* An alcoholic dating someone who hates alcohol
* A neat freak dating someone who’s messy

Is It True that Opposites Attract?

A compatible match won’t necessarily be the exactly the same as you. But the thing a lot of people look for in someone, the reason we think that opposites attract is when we date someone, we’re looking to fill a void that’s missing in ourselves. But think about it: the opposite ends of a magnet attract. Just because you’re aggressive, in life and in bed, doesn’t mean you’ll want that in someone. For you, a compatible match might be someone who’s not aggressive, but who likes being treated aggressively.

Think about the number of times that nice guy ended up going out with the girl no one likes. Or the sweet girl ended up dating the big jerk. Yeah, some girls like ‘bad boys’ but something is making them pick the same person routinely. Maybe she wants to be bad. Or maybe you like the challenge of getting her attention. Chances are, though, that too much opposite will pit you in different directions. You might be a compatible match in some respects, but you also probably don’t have enough in compatible with one another to keep one another happy. You’ll both want different things.


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