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Addicted to love? Take this quiz and find out:

1. Do you feel that life without that special person is manageable or would losing them make you feel empty and lost?

2. When you meet someone special do your moods go up and down, but eventually return to normal or do you have extreme mood swings going from extremely happy to desperately depressed?

3. Do you notice that you fall in love extremely quickly. Is it all or nothing for you?

4. Do most of your relationships only last a few weeks or months?

5. After a little while of being in a stable relationship, are you tempted to look for someone “better”?

6. When you and your partner disagree, do you fear the relationship is over?

7. Do you find yourself staying in a relationship because you need him, or because you can’t be alone; rather than feeling loved.

8. Do you find yourself doing things with this person that you would not normally do in any other relationship?

9. Do you feel more insecure or suspicious than usual, in this relationship?

10. Do you know deep inside that this person isn’t right for you, but something keeps you there?

11. Do you have a strong feeling that this relationship is unhealthy but feel unable to break away?

12. When the relationship is over, do you feel panic and lost, fearful that you may never find someone to love you?

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