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Why You Shouldn’t Try and Change Your Man

Men are often difficult to understand aren’t they. Why do they do the things they do? Why won’t they change their behaviors? Isn’t it obvious the things they are doing wrong? Well don’t worry, I’m here to help you understand how men’s minds work a little bit better.

So why shouldn’t you try and change men?

Men want to be encouraged in things. They want to be supported. They don’t want to be nagged. Their not children and you are not their mother.

They might seek your opinion or advice its their life and they want to have the final say in it. Of course they should take your feelings into account and most of the time they will. But men do not want a partner who will try and change them. Would you want a man who tried to change you all the time?

If you try and change your man it implies your not happy with him the way he is. In that case why are you with him? Find another man. That’s how it will feel to him as well. He’ll feel that you are dissatisfied with him, otherwise why would you want to change him?

Have you ever considered that he might love the way he does things and the way he is. It can often be hard to understand peoples motive for doing things that may seem completely insane to you. But other people probably find it hard to understand why you do a lot of things that you do. Just accept that they have their reasons and accept them as people.

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