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written by @itsthecaptain

Mary J Blige has been under a lot of fire for her “B.K Commercial FAIL” but the reviews are mixed. Some say the singing was bad, some say she shouldn’t be black and singing about chicken. What’s definite is that BK pulled the ad and they hype has died down. Now for those who seem to believe that Mary “Set Us Back” with this commercial, I want you all to take a trip to about….2008. McDonald’s, who I feel totally exploits black entertainment and culture in attempt to sell combos dropped a commercial that I still feel is one of the biggest fails in the fast food industry! “McNuggets Lovin”. View both of these and let me know…is one really worse than the other?

Now click the link below and once again watch the Mary J Blige video and let us know how you feel in regards to both of these commercials.


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