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  •  Keep quiet about the relationship. Resist the temptation to share any aspect of it with anyone at work, even the most trusted colleague.

  • Self-monitor conversation that invites questions about a date’s identity. Say, “I went to the movies last night” instead of “we went to the movies last night.”

  • Stagger arrival and departure times from work. Carpool with another person to alleviate suspicion.

  • Assume others are watching at all time and pass up any opportunity to hold hands, hug, kiss, touch casually or have any other physical contact. Maintain a safe distance from one another at all times to eliminate any suspicion on the part of co-workers.

  • Use discretion at company luncheons, picnics, parties, outings or off-site meetings. Take care not to drink too much, dance intimately, spend too much time together or openly display affection.

  • Remember that employers often monitor and store company email. Communicate in ways that cannot be reviewed or infiltrated by co-workers or the employer.

  • Keep personal difficulties out of the workplace.

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