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Isn’t it painful when your man wants some space all of a sudden? Dealing with such a situation can be really scary as your mind will make you think that he is probably bored of you and is planning to leave you.

But, do you know that the way you react during this phase will determine the future of your relationship? Most women freak out during this phase and chase him just to make sure he doesn’t run away and this very act makes him run away.

Make sure you don’t make this silly mistake and follow the advice below to know what you should rather do…

Stop hurting yourself by focusing on the negative…

Do you know that when he is under stress he needs to have his space? The only way he can un-wind and freshen up is when he is away from everyone for some time.

Your man might be going through one of those phases and probably needs to be on his own for the time being. Therefore, if you believe that he is planning to leave you and might go date other women then maybe you are thinking too hard.

Stop torturing yourself by making everything worse than what it is, and take it one step at a time starting today.

When you give him enough space, he will naturally miss you and will want to come back to you…

It is often said that men are generally like rubber bands. No matter how far you pull them, they always come back with twice the force.

Therefore if you let him have his space for the time being and don’t bother him at all he will naturally come back to you in his own time.

But if you ask him for explanations, argue with him over the topic of why he wants space and keep pressing this subject. He will feel the need to go away from you even more as now you become the source of his stress.

Focus on your life…

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