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If you want to know how to get over a relationship in less than a week, you have to be willing to let this relationship go. Once you’re ready, it’s not so hard.

Use the first day to cry it out, and release your feelings. This is the best thing to do, to vent out whatever you feel and just have some alone time. Don’t suppress any emotions – confront the things upsetting and angering you and release them, whether it be by crying, screaming into a pillow, or writing it all down.

Use your next day to talk it through, and sort things out.

On the third day, get rid of any possessions your ex gave you.

Nearing the end of the week, use this day for relaxing and enjoyment.

On the fifth day, focus on yourself.

Relax over the next two days. Essentially, you’ve done all the hard work. But use the extra two days to really stop thinking about your ex, or rather, sort it all out with yourself. Do things to make you happier and healthier and prepare yourself to properly move on.

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