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  • Keep constant open and honest communication between you and your partner. The two of you must always be aware of the thoughts and feelings of each other on a variety of topics to gauge just how slow to take things. Several things will help you determine the pace of the relationship. What matters is that you are both comfortable with its pace.

  • Set boundaries and goals for the relationship on a small scale. Since you are both in agreement on taking things slow, you should establish what you mean by slow. Some people mean that they will not sleep together for months, and others consider taking a relationship slow as more of a delaying of commitment.

  • Plan fun dates as you are beginning your relationship. Plan cute things like rollerskating, bowling and having a picnic. Keeping things original and fun will take the pressure off. It’s hard to get too worried about the relationship when you are involved in a fun activity. Plan activities that are tailored to the interest of your date.

  • Keep things simple until the feeling to progress the relationship to the next level is mutual. When you feel that you are ready to progress things, be honest about it. If your partner does not agree, the best thing to do is to continue things the way they are until he or she is ready to progress with you.

  • If you feel like the relationship is moving too slow, address the issue and discuss possible solutions.

  • Set a time limit for taking the relationship slow. You should be able to increase the pace of the relationship within six months to a year.

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