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1. Respect

Respect is the foundation for a wildly sexual, happy and fulfilling intimate relationship. If you don’t respect your woman OUTSIDE of the BEDROOM – she will never fully surrender to you INSIDE the BEDROOM.

Now the thing is, if you want to have really RED-HOT SEX – you know, the kind where you give your woman lots of ORGASMS and she gets really “naughty” for you… you must get her to surrender to you in the bedroom. And she won’t do that unless you respect her. Period.

2. Appreciate Her

Every woman wants to feel appreciated by her man. That is a fact. Nobody likes to feel like they are being taken for granted and your woman is no different.

So if you want your woman to feel like you are THE PERFECT MAN you must show her that you appreciate her.

So you must appreciate your woman.

3. Create An Emotional Connection

Here is a situation many women face:

They meet a guy and at first he seems perfect. He gives good conversation, makes her laugh, he’s charming, he has a good job and he’s good in bed.

BUT… then something weird happens that starts to make him seem LESS THAN PERFECT.

And here’s what the “weird” thing is… the woman suddenly realises that the guy is great, apart from the fact that he is EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE. And once a woman feels like that about the guy, she won’t feel close and connected to him – and then she won’t want to have as much sex with him and she certainly won’t want to totally surrender to him and have REALLY WILD, NAUGHTY SEX with him.

Do you see how this works?

Your woman needs to feel EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED to you, so you must be emotionally available.

4. Lead Your Woman

Virtually every woman wants a strong,  SEXUALLY CONFIDENT man to lead her through each and every sexual encounter that they share together.

If you want to INSTANTLY improve the relationship with your woman, here are two tips:

– Never ask for sex. Never, ever.

– INSTIGATE the sex. As a man – it’s your job to “get things started” in the bedroom. Don’t expect your woman to do it

5. Talk Dirty

For women, sex is a very mental thing.

6. Keep Things Interesting In The Bedroom

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