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For this first Lyrically Speaking, the song and artist is “Take You There” by Musiq Soulchild. Musiq was actually here in Indy last week, and I wish I could’ve had the opportunity to ask about this song. When you first listen to it, it has a sexy, mellow vibe to it. From the title alone, you can almost guess that this song is about things grown folks do, or is it? I’ll let you be the judge of that, but let me just say, the most important word of the song isn’t included in the lyrics. It’s the final word of the song, and you can catch it if you listen closely. What’s the word, you ask? It’s “head.” Musiq Soulchild’s getting a lil “freaky deaky” with this track, but he does it tastefully. With that being said, take a minute to listen to the clip and read the lyrics below:

“Take You There”

When I think of you

I can’t see you like

all the other girls

I knew that I didn’t treat right

but then

there are times when I just need what I need babe, and I know

you can give it all to me

So how about…


We don’t have to go

All the way no

But if you want

I still can take you there



Hey baby, how about it

we don’t have to go all the way no

but girl I’m sure you still can get me there



If only you knew

what I’m willing to do (for)

for a fair exchange baby

from me to you

but (I know)

I know you’ve got your own reasons

for making me wait

and I know

I know there’s a way

that we can free ourselves


It’s alright you can

admit that you want it (its alright)

as bad as I

its so natural

We all have our days and our sleepless nights

When we wanna

get some

When we wanna get some


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