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Hey This Is The Loverman

Ladies If you want to really give your man some of the best pleasure that he has ever felt in his life, then you need to change up the position that you are using in the bedroom. The sex position that you use says a lot about you and says a lot about the experience that you want to create.

If your sex life is lacking and you want to enhance lovemaking, then you need to learn more about what the different sex positions can offer you. If you want to really blow your man’s mind in the bedroom, then you need to learn how to spice things up and how to spice them up the right way.

You need to learn more about some seductive sex positions that you can use on your man tonight. It’s not hard to incorporate new positions into the bedroom but it can be difficult to know which one to use and which one will be the most effective.

One of the sexiest positions to use on your man is the cowgirl position. The reason why it will drive him wild is because you are doing the work. You are the one that is into it the most and you are the one that is in control. He feels submissive beneath you and this is a turn on that most men can relate to. Watching you control him in the bedroom like that and watching you feel pleasure from his body in yours will be a huge turn on.

Another very sexy position to enhance your lovemaking is to make love from behind. This may also be referred to as doggy style. In this position, you both throw away any hesitations or inhibitions. You want to get lost in the heat of the moment and in this position, you want the raw energy to come through. When you let go and get rough with him, this turns him on. You can still be in control and you can even further enhance this position with some grabbing, spanking and dirty talk. The more naughty you are in this position, the better. That is how you seduce him further and how you give him even more pleasure than he has ever had before.

The positions that you are using in the bedroom say a lot about your sex life. Having sex in the typical missionary position can become boring and repetitive. It is best to switch things up from time to time if you really want to drive him wild.

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