Getting Through The Tough Times In Your Relationship

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     Be Mindful Not To Worry. If something needs to be fixed, fix it if you can
    but remember that worry never fixes anything. Worrying is a waste of time and
    energy. It’s like sitting in a rocking chair, it gives you something to do but
    it gets you nowhere. Worry prevents you from seeing hope and solutions.
    Besides, most things we worry about never happen.

     Practice Forgiveness.

     Be Patient Towards Your Partner. Patience is an excellent remedy for the
    tough times you will go through. You love your partner so don’t choose the
    moments of crisis to come down on them. Don’t let stress sway you into losing
    perspective. Realize that if you are not careful, adversity can damage your
    relationship. Stay away from blaming, using criticism to make a point,
    lecturing, sarcasm and name calling.

    Resentments close the door on the possibility of a bright future. Love is a
    continuous act of forgiveness. Everybody likes the idea of forgiveness until
    they have to be the one to forgive. If you
    want your relationship to be better than most, you must instill this habit of

     Use Your Sense Of Humor. A laughing couple is much stronger than an
    arguing or withdrawn couple. If you can find humor in the challenge you are
    facing you can survive it. Laughter dissapates hopelessness. You cannot argue
    and laugh at the same time. It is impossible. The choice is up to you.

     Vow To Stay Connected. Stand together against adversity. Promise to endure
    throughout the storms that most likely will come your way at some point or
    another. Staying connected takes practice. People commonly choose to withdraw
    from each other at times of trouble. This distance may feel safer but it does
    long term damage to the relationship. If you truly love your partner then vow
    “We will get through this, Together!”

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