Reasons Why People End Relationships – Change Them Now

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He does not listen to me. This is obviously high on the list of reasons that people want to get out of a relationship.

She is so critical. I cannot do anything right in her eyes.

He is irresponsible. He never does what he said he would and now we sit without lights. She spends more money than I can earn. Very good reason no matter who is guilty.

He is not emotional. He does not even try to understand how I feel and I feel he is not connected to me..

She is a perfectionist. She downs herself and then wants me to feel guilty because I do not support her.

He is aggressive and when angry he scares me. This is a very good reason as people seldom change and might really harm you.

I do not trust him or her anymore after the affair. The affair might be over but the trust does not come back easily.

She wants to control me and if I do not allow her, she gets angry. I feel smothered and she does not understand this.

She buys too much and a budget is worth nothing. We argue but the next day she spends again.

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